Book Chat in Harrisdale

Jul 16, 2018 12:30 - 14:00 AWST
Timber Cafe, 51 Wright Road, Harrisdale
6 people are attending (3 externals)
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Do you love reading books? Have you enjoyed one so much that you want someone else to experience it?
Bring along a book you are willing to give up - tell someone (or everyone) at the table why you loved it then pass it on for them to enjoy

Next time we come together your new reader can tell you if they also loved it, or did they loathe it?
Timber Cafe is located in the Carey College grounds, enter their car park and you will see Timber.

Find the yellow befriend flag on a table and you are in the right spot!

Look for the yellow Befriend table top flag at the Cafe and join in the conversation.