Befriend Ed: Online Dating

May 18, 2018

Online dating can be an easy and fast way to meet someone new.

But, there’s nothing worse than finding out your online dating partner is a catfish (they are faking their profile to be a different person), or being rejected by a stranger, or both.

While in Befriend Inc we encourage everyone to be social and explore people outside of their circle, we want you lovelies to prepare yourself if you ever dive into the world of online dating. Here, we have compiled some of the most useful safety tips for online dating.

  1. Be smart when finding your sweetheart.


Don’t ever hesitate to search your online dating partner’s name to find any records about them, or run a Google image search to check for same photos. You can never be too careful when meeting strangers online.


  1. Don’t give personal details to the other too quickly.


You don’t need to share everything about yourself in your online dating profile. Keep your phone number, emails, and home addresses out of your profile. Your partner can know more about you when the right time comes.


  1. Meet with them.


Talking face-to-face is so different from talking online. There’s only so much you can get to know about someone through words and photos on a screen. When you’re comfortable, meet and stay in a public place. If you two are talking over long distance, then make a Skype date.


  1. Tell your friends about your online dating relationship.


Your online date might seem to be fine, but sharing a few details with your friends might be a good way to find any red flags.


  1. Follow your instincts.


This might not seem useful, but it’s important to pay attention when you’re looking for a partner online. Be cautious if they seem to be dishonest or illegitimate in the way they present themselves. For example, do they seem to be disinterested in your personal matters? Or are they too quick in proclaiming their love?

However, when you really find the one you trruly like, just be careful, go ahead and have a try. Fortune favors the bold. 

Photo by NeONBRAND on Unsplash

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