Befriend Ed: 26 Ways to Strengthen a Friendship

Jun 05, 2018

Woah, what a long one this week! There are many things you can do that will build (or break) a friendship. Just in case you forget some of them, we’ve compiled a long list for you. Check off those ones you think you’ve done well and mark those ones you think you need to improve! :D

The video following is almost the same as the long list, if you prefer to simply read the list, feel free to do so, or vice versa.


Here’s the list if you’d like to read it!

  1. Be wise with whom you’re friends with. Not everyone is your friend.

  2. Take time to listen when they’re talking.

  3. Be careful when responding. Words hurt, no less painful than sticks and stones.

  4. Don’t try to solve every problem in your friends’ life. Let them experience and be independent.

  5. In many competitions, winning isn’t everything.

  6. Be yourself. There’s no point in faking for a friendship.

  7. Be honest and open when you talk.

  8. Accept them for being themselves. Love them for who they are, regardless of their nationalities, social conditions, families etc.

  9. Understand their choices in life, even if you disagree. No one is going to share the same wavelength as you.

  10. Be friendly! Treat them the way you want them to treat you!

  11. Be empathetic, not just sympathetic.

  12. Hand out compliments, they cost you nothing!

  13. Express timely gratitude. Even little actions can speak louder than words. (Eg. write a thank-you note, shout them a meal)

  14. Apologize when you do wrong.

  15. It’s good to let go, don’t let past mistakes taint your friendship.

  16. Dedicate time for your friends. Any relationship needs interactions.

  17. Also enjoy your own time, and your friends need their own time. Don’t be too needy. Having fun with dear friends once in awhile could make it more exciting.

  18. Keep your pinky promises. Just something that builds trust.

  19. Celebrate common interests.

  20. Experience new things together.

  21. Give them a hug (if you are all huggers) when you see them for the first time on one day. Most times hugging each other tightens your friendship and make your hearts filled.

  22. Balance. Any friendship (or relationship for that matter) is about giving and taking.

  23. Be equally responsible when there is a problem.

  24. Be the motivator when they’re down.

  25. Secrets stay secrets. They’re called that for a reason.

  26. Finally, accept endings when they’re inevitable.


Thanks for Shahnee, Amaka and Wendy for making efforts to this blog. If you have any thought about making friends, maintaining friendship, feel free to drop a mail to Befriend  ( or simply make a call to us: 0404 831 201.

Phew! Hope you got that down! Next time: “How to Start a Conversation”.

Photo by Brooke Cagle on Unsplash

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